Sunday, May 29, 2005

16 more days

I once correctly answered a Quizzo question asking who was the female artist with the most number one singles in history. Mariah scored her 16th number one single this week with "We Belong Together," otherwise known as the prom song of 2005.

With no major races in sight, I've been counting down to the day we move to Center City. 16 more days! The move itself is going to be rough but I should be a pro by now.

Other things I've been obsessed with: Vietnamese Pop, urban legends, and the French Open tennis tournament.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Running away from Norristown

The cool morning air gave me goose bumps as I started my 18-mile run from Norristown to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The sound of birds kept me entertained. There were very few people on the Schuylkill River Trail. A few rabbits and groundhogs startled me and probably vice versa.

I found myself at peace during the three-hour run. It was quite a spiritual experience.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars at Midnight

Jacob and I went to the midnight showing of "Revenge of the Sith" in King of Prussia, as part of my suburban farewell tour. We got to the parking lot of the theater around 10 o'clock. It was already a freak show. There were about 2,000 males and about 10 females. Quite a few dressed up in costumes. A lot more carried "light sabers".

I enjoyed the movie. It was the only episode of the Prequel Trilogy that kept me awake for the entire movie. The storyline was simple enough for me to follow. The special effects were out of this world. I haven't seen the Original Trilogy yet, but plan to check them out soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Delaware Marathon

Marathon no. 3 is in the bag, baby! I ran a conservative race -- slow and steady. I really paid attention to energy balance, giving myself time to load and unload fluid. The CLIF Bar I carried for 17 miles provided a nice energy supply to help me finish strong.

When I reached the mile 23 marker, I attempted to pick up my pace, telling myself that I could do a 5K in 25 minutes. The 8 minute mile pace lasted a quarter of a mile when reality set in and I went back to my slow pace. I kicked in again at the mile 26 marker, and sustained this pace to the finish line.

2nd Annual Coventry Health Care Delaware Marathon
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Frawley Stadium, Wilmington Riverfront
Wilmington, Delaware

# of Marathon Registrants: 600
# of Marathon Finishers: 507

I placed 352nd at 4:45:45 gun time (4:45:05 chip time); 26/32 for M30-34; and 266/361 for total males.

The course consisted of four laps with some two-way running traffic. Thus, I passed most landmarks and water stops eight times. I really didn't mind sharing the course with the 600 relay runners who started 30 minues after the marathoners. The crowd was small but vocal. A few live bands along the route was a bonus. The volunteers were enthusiastic and encouraging. Fluid stations at every mile were great. I wish more food was available. I'd drop out if I didn't carry the CLIF bar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Suburban Farewell Tour

My suburban farewell tour took me to J.B. Dawson's Restaurant and Bar in Plymouth Meeting for dinner, and a night of karaoke at The Lark in Bridgeport.

The Lark is a scary little dive bar located at

302 Dekalb St. (Rte. 202 N.)

Dan and Donny took turns to sing. Donny sang the
NSYNC song I suggested, "This I Promised You." He out-sang all five 'NSYNC boys. Who needs to watch American Idol when you can see it live at the Lark every Monday night?

Other landmarks I'd like to add to my farewell tour are Ray's Diner, Ambler Theatre, and IKEA.

While I was on a farewell bike tour of the Schuylkill Trail Sunday afternoon, three 10-year-old kids chased me near the Norristown train station
, yelling at me "Give me your bike, you Chinese n------!"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Extreme Ironing

The British do have an extreme sense of irony; they invented extreme ironing. This sport spoof is described as "the thrill of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt".

I want to see someone running the
Boston Marathon carrying on his backpack a portable ironing board, a battery-operated iron, and a few pieces of clothes along the 100 mile race. Once he reaches the finish line, he would proceed to iron his clothes in front of all the spectators. That's extreme ironing!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Typical Saturday in the Suburb

Will I ever learn? I overscheduled my activities today only to end up missing most of them.

I got up at 5:45 AM like every Saturday morning. Read the news and got caught up with my email. Went running with the Front Runners. I struggled with sore quad muscles to complete a 5K while everyone else ran a 5-miler.

After having brunch with the runners, I went to soccer practice late, and couldn't find my teammates. Little six year-old girls were using our Edgely Fields of Fairmount Park for a tournament. I drove the loaner to Barnes and Nobles while waiting for my car. Read the whole issue of Runners' World magazine. Went to a grocery store to fetch lunch for Jacob, who was still in bed by the time I got home. Jacob locked himself in the bedroom while Corey and Gershun dropped by. They certainly got a dose of southern hospitality.

By the time I managed to complete taking a shower, I already missed Bao's wedding. Since Jacob was going to work, I knew I would miss Dom and LaT's party as well. There was no way I could drive back to the city again. I was having too much fun traveling between my sofa and my home office. I was enjoying my own company, listening to Vietnamese music and/or catching up with the daily newspapers the past week. I another favorite Saturday activity of mine was to plan my next several marathons. I could do this for hours in front of my computer.

Maybe I'll be a little more social once I move to the city. But for now, unless someone kicks me in the ass, I'm not leaving my sofa!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Next Stop: Delaware

Why run 10 miles when I can run a marathon? I'm looking to complete my third marathon in six months. I'm bypassing the traditional training program. Instead, I'm relying on my well-conditioned body and cocky attitute to complete this 26.2 mile run. It would be nice to break the 4:30 hour mark. Imagine what that would do to my ego!

Monday, May 02, 2005

10 miles later

I survived the May madness known as the Broad Street Run. There were runners everywhere from the start to the end. Everyone ran at different pace, so people passed me while I was trying to pass other people. This madness usually occurs at the first mile of smaller races, but it kept up for the entire 10 mile run yesterday. Part of it is because the entire street was closed to traffic for the first five miles, but only one side was closed for the last five miles.

I placed 6260 out of 12,050 finishers with a clock time of 1:34:55 and chip time of 1:30:08. It was a good run. I was in pain the first two miles, which took me about 25 minutes. I stared at William Penn's statue for about 30 minutes. I shook Ed Randel's hand near the Kimmel Center. The crowd definitely helped to distract the pain as it gradually went away. I ran 8 minute mile pace the last five miles.

There was no runner's high after I crossed the finish line. Why run 10 miles when you can run a marathon? I would need more compelling reasons to sign up for this race again.