Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Typical Saturday in the Suburb

Will I ever learn? I overscheduled my activities today only to end up missing most of them.

I got up at 5:45 AM like every Saturday morning. Read the news and got caught up with my email. Went running with the Front Runners. I struggled with sore quad muscles to complete a 5K while everyone else ran a 5-miler.

After having brunch with the runners, I went to soccer practice late, and couldn't find my teammates. Little six year-old girls were using our Edgely Fields of Fairmount Park for a tournament. I drove the loaner to Barnes and Nobles while waiting for my car. Read the whole issue of Runners' World magazine. Went to a grocery store to fetch lunch for Jacob, who was still in bed by the time I got home. Jacob locked himself in the bedroom while Corey and Gershun dropped by. They certainly got a dose of southern hospitality.

By the time I managed to complete taking a shower, I already missed Bao's wedding. Since Jacob was going to work, I knew I would miss Dom and LaT's party as well. There was no way I could drive back to the city again. I was having too much fun traveling between my sofa and my home office. I was enjoying my own company, listening to Vietnamese music and/or catching up with the daily newspapers the past week. I another favorite Saturday activity of mine was to plan my next several marathons. I could do this for hours in front of my computer.

Maybe I'll be a little more social once I move to the city. But for now, unless someone kicks me in the ass, I'm not leaving my sofa!


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