Friday, May 25, 2012

Pocono Marathon Race Report

This race is formally called Run for the Red. Bib pick on on Saturday: It was a sad scene in a dingy hotel. Before start: It was a small race so it was easy to get to, and lines for bathroom were not so bad. Start: no wave, but everything was smooth. Temperature was already on the hot side (over 60). I was right on target pace of 7:15 minutes per mile. This race was known for big downhills but I didn't any significant drops for the first 5 miles. I was starting to get tired, then I saw big drops. OMG, I was hanging on to my shorts as I went flying downhill. It was great! I was on pace until mile 10, then things started to come undone. I got hot and out of breath! The 4 hr 15 min pace group went passed me right after Mile 10. By half way, my time was around 1:40. Not bad but already 5 minutes behind my target. Things didn't get easier. Another pace group passed me, then another! After 20 miles, I started to walk uphills, and rolling hills kept coming. By this time, I just hoped to finish under 4 hours. The last hill was around mile 24. Once I heard that I no longer had to climb any more hills, I started to settle into a 8 or 9 min pace, and had a strong finish on the track. Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug I had many weak spots along the 26.2 mile course and at times felt like I was ready to quit. Below is a photo of another runner with a dramatic finish: Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug