Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Workout Summary

Fins Postal Swim 2010
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Run = 75 miles. Mostly on treadmill. Average pace under 8 minutes per mile; longest run was only 11 miles.

Swim = approximately 25 miles. About 3300 yards per practice in lane 4 or 5. Highlight was the postal swim (3150 yards in 60 minutes).

Weighlifting = back to 3 times a week. Starting to regain some strength!

Overall, I had a great workout month to go along with a balanced diet. Can't wait to see if I can keep up in February!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

12th & Spruce

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No intersection in Center City Philadelphia is more fascinating to me than 12th & Spruce! It's in the heart of the gayborhood. It is still the tranny hooker corner, but the arrival of trendy Tria restaurant has made this corner even more representative of Philly! You can see young straight people having fancy cheese while watching cracked out crack dealers across the street. Out-of-town gays and budget minded straights staying at the Alexander Inn are probably not used to see tranny hookers taking over the corner from midnight to about 6 a.m. And then we have the high end flower shop Chartreuse that never seems to be open, and the crumbling Oddfellows building that is waiting to be fixed up. I love people watching at this corner, but I know better to keep my feet moving before a slow-moving driver asks me if I want to have a good time!