Sunday, April 04, 2010

March 2010 Workout Summary


March 22 was when Rotarix was in the news for a possible contamination with a pig virus. From that moment until end of March, my training program was thrown out the window. Thus, most of my workouts were from March 1 to March 21.

Running: 125 miles (vs. 120 miles in February). I had a good transition from running on the treadmill to road running as the temperature rose above 40 degrees. I feel fantastic knowing that I can roll out of bed, run a half marathon, shower, and have breakfast under 2 hours total.

Swimming: 8.5 miles (vs. 14 miles in February and 25 miles in January). Wow, I knew I would swim less but I would not imagine swimming less than 10 miles a month. I was still mostly in Lane 4 whenever I showed up, but I kept skipping practices.

My only good set was a 4 x 100 descent on March 2. It was toward the end of the practice. This freestyle set was after a stroke set, so I was feeling good while everyone was a little out of breath. I was swimming second in Lane 4. I kept pace with the lane leader for the first two 100's. I sped up after the first 50 of the third 100, as I was supposed to. I was amazed that I closed in on him at 75 yards. After the turn and the glide, I was inches away from tapping his toes. I eased up a little bit to finish this third 100. I was ready to start the last 100, which was the designed to be the fastest. I started out fast and turned well during the first 50. Relaxed a little bit after 50 yards by gliding longer and extending the first 5 strokes. Then I imagined doing a 50 sprint and went all out. I caught up with the lane leader at the last 10 yards. I looked at the clock when I finished, and for the first time ever, I swam 100 yards freestyle under 1:25. I haven't been able to repeat this time again, so I hope that I read the clock properly.

Weightlifting: I was doing well the first 2 weeks of March, but as the weather became nice, I didn't want to to the gym. I can't blame this on Rotarix. I caught spring fever!

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