Saturday, December 31, 2005


My little cousin Ngoc is in the U.S. to study. She's spending her winter break with my parents. She came to Philly to spend three days with me. I played a tourguide for her, taking her around PA, NJ, and NY.

We hadn't seen each other for over 16 years. We were tight, and we wasted no time to reconnect. To me, it was a dream come true to see her again. She was such a perfect guest and tourist. She seemed to enjoy every sight I showed her. I had a great time as well. Besides the usual tourist traps, I took her to a few places I hadn't been: Continental Midtown and the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey.

Ngoc's visit was definitely one of the highlights of my 2005.

Friday, December 16, 2005

My 2005 Pop Song of the Year

As of March 17 this year, my five most played Mariah Carey songs on my iTunes were
1. Never Too Far (love theme from "Glitter")
2. Endless Love (duet with Luther Vandross)
3. Whenever You Call (duet with Brian McKnight)
4. My Saving Grace
5. Hero

As of now ...
1. We Belong Together (Mimi)
2. Never Too Far (Glitter)
3. Endless Love (Duet with Luther Vandross, from a maxi-single)
4. My Saving Grace (Charmbracelet)
5. Whenever You Call (Duet with Brian McKnight, from #1)
6. Hero (Music Box)
7. Open Arms (Daydream)
8. When You Believe (Duet with Whitney, from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack)
9. Through the Rain (Charmbracelet)
10. One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men, from Music Box)

"We Belong Together" is the hit song from Mariah's April 2005 CD. It has become the most played song on my computer, ever. iTunes already registered 38 plays, so I averaged one listen per week for the past seven months.

The question is, did I create drama in my own relationship as an excuse to listen to this track?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

December Training Schedule

Some people find comfort in food, alcohol, or sex. I find comfort in exercise. As my right foot is still slowly recovering from the Philly marathon, I give running a break and focus on weightlifting and swimming.

Thursday, Dec 1 - PM: Chests (with Chris)
Friday, Dec 2 - AM: swimming (10 laps)
Saturday, Dec 3 - AM: shoulders; abs
Sunday, Dec 4 - AM: Legs
Monday, Dec 5 - AM: swimming (15 laps); PM: Chests; abs
Tuesday, Dec 6 - AM: swimming (15 laps); PM: shoulders, swimming (20 laps)
Wednesday, Dec 7 - PM: Chests; abs
Thursday, Dec 8 - PM: Arms (with Chris)
Friday, Dec 9 - Off
Saturday, Dec 10 - AM: Chests, Abs, Swimming (25 laps)
Sunday, Dec 11 - AM: running 5K on treadmill (22 minutes), swimming (30 laps); PM: shoulders / back; abs
Monday, Dec 12 - PM: legs; swimming (35 laps)
Tuesday, Dec 13 - Off (feeling mild pain in lower back)
Wednesday, Dec 14 - AM: chests (lite)
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday, Dec 17 - AM: 7-mile run from Center City to Kelly Drive viewing stand & back
Sunday, Dec 18 - AM: shoulders / back; abs; swimming (50 laps = 4300 feet)
Monday, Dec 19 - AM: chests / triceps
Tuesday, Dec 20 - Off
Wednesday, Dec 21 - Off
Thursday, Dec 22 - PM: 5K run on the treadmill (21:45 with a nice negative split); shoulders
Friday, Dec 23 - AM: chests / triceps; swimming (20 laps)
Saturday, Dec 24 - AM: 5-mile run to Olde City & Waterfront (BF Bridge was closed)
Sunday, Dec 25 - Off
Monday, Dec 26 - AM: chests/tri, abs; PM: swimming (approximately 20 laps)
Tuesday, Dec 27 - Legs
Wednesday, Dec 28 - walking all over Philadelphia; swimming (approximately 20 laps)
Thursday, Dec 29 - walking all over New York City

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2005 Races

Pimp My Feet!
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Bittersweet memories came rushing back to my head as I tallied up all my 2005 races. My devotion to long-distance running this year, for better or for worse, has taken me to unfamiliar territories. I've made friends through running. As I was recently made aware of, I've neglected friends because of my heavy running schedule.

Feb 19: Frostbite 5 Mile Run (00:39:55)
April 17: New Jersey Marathon (04:42:24)
May 02: Broad Street Run (10 miles) (01:34:55)
May 15: Delaware Marathon (04:45:45)
June 24: Tex-Mex Connection 5K Race for Open Space (00:23:25)
Sept 18: Philadelphia Distance Run (13.1 miles) (01:44:26)
Oct 16: Mount Desert Island Marathon (04:15:18)
Nov 20: Philadelphia Marathon (04:27:01)

My 2006 running schedule is up in the air, along with everything else. I have no doubt that I will be back on my feet.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Connie and Carla

Connie and Carla form a drag act, performing Broadway songs in dinner theaters. Connie brings funny anecdotes to their show, while Carla takes care of colorful custumes and fancy footwork. They have their differences but often work them out in order to keep their show going. Connie and Carla talk about spending the rest of their lives together, singing and dancing their ways into a shared nursing home.

But one day, Connie tells Carla that Connie has met someone else who wants to replace Carla as Connie's singing and dancing partner. Connie wants out of their current partnership. Connie tells Carla that Carla's performance sucks, and her new partner will certainly make the show better.

Carla begs Connie to reconsider. Carla tries to reason with Connie, but Connie has made up her mind. Connie leaves.

It's going to be a cold winter.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Live Strong

Live Strong
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