Friday, December 28, 2007

100-Mile Run Against Time: Completed

From 2007 Favorites

I have reached my goal of running 100 miles this month. December has always been a tough month for me to maintain my workout schedule, so having a goal certainly helped.
It took me 17 days to reach the first 50 miles. That wasn't so bad. However, the holiday bug got to me between Dec 18 and Dec 22 during which I ran a total of zero mile. I thought about giving up running for the rest of the month to enjoy the holidays. However, the better part of me took over, and here was how I completed the next 50 miles:

Sunday December 23 - 13 miles river loop
Monday December 24 - 10 miles river to river city loop
Tuesday December 25 - 5 miles country roads in Delaware
Wednesday December 26 - 7 miles (55:20)
Thursday December 27 - 8 miles treadmill (61:55)
Friday December 28 - 7 miles treadmill (51:23)

50 miles in six days and I feel great!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007: Year in Review

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2007 Favorites

The biggest thing that happened to me in 2007 was that I became a homeowner. It’s a small 1BR condo in a cute little building in Center City Philadelphia just two blocks from my previous apartment. The condo is one of many things that will keep me around Philadelphia for a long time. Another thing is the Philadelphia Fins Aquatics Club. I swim with this GLBT Masters swim club about 3 times a week. I am the current president of the club, so there is behind-the-scene work for me everyday, and I enjoy nearly every minute!

I still run frequently. I completed marathons no. 12 to 16 this year. I didn't break any personal marathon records, but I picked up a personal best at the 5k distance with 20:37 (Clean Air Council 5k; April 22). I recently started doing trail running, and did a few trail races in 2007. Other events I participated for the first time in 2007: Olympic distance triathlon, Masters swim meet, 1.5 mile open water swim, One-hour postal swim, and a 150-mile bike tour.

My parents came to see many of my events. My most fun time with my parents this year was the time we went on the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise after the Philadelphia Distance Run which my cousin Ro and I completed. My cousin Ro, his sister Ngoc, her friend Ly and I went to the Grand Canyon in January. That was my favorite vacation this year. I realized that I was a grown-up when I was the person in charge of driving from the Grand Canyon back to Phoenix in the middle of a snowstorm.

Many of my friends have become the family that I make. There has been no one that I spent more time with in the past two years than Chris Yencer. Some people probably think we are boyfriends. I did have a boyfriend, an architect, for a few months earlier this year. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by many friends who frequently put up with all my antics.

Career-wise, I’m approaching my 10th year at my current company. I took a new position in 2007. What I do saves lives, and I have to say I enjoy my job, and don't mind the long hours and the hectic schedule. I'm active in the GLBT employee network at my company, and this year I was given an award at work basically for being gay.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

My greatest 10 mile run ever

My greatest 10 mile run ever
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That was the day before Christmas when I put on my shorts and sleeveless shirt for a run around Philadelphia. Since I already ran 13 miles the day before, I was planning a short 5-mile run, following the Frontrunners Philadelphia Fun Run route. I did just that, with an extended northern invasion instead of the backward Washington Square East loop.

I waved at the tourists as I ran by the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall. Once I got back to the gayborhood, I felt great. I decided to run a little further. I was just going to Love Park and turned around. Once I saw the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, I knew what I wanted to do. I ran up the Parkway and ran up the Rocky steps. I have always enjoyed looking at the Philly skyline from the top steps of the Art Museum.
Not even pausing for a second, I headed down the steps , crosing Martin Luther King Drive to merge into the Skuylkill Banks to make my way back to Center City. Walnut Street was full of last minute shoppers all decked out in heavy winter coats. People probably thought I was crazy for wearing shorts and sleeveless shirt. I was actually sweating as I zigzagged around crowded sidewalks. I felt amazing as I sprinted Broad Street, returning to the gayborhood.

That was the day before Christmas, and I had completed my greatest 10 mile run ever.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toronto Santa Speedo Run - Breakfast Television

Santa never looked sexier!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

100-Mile Run Against Time

RealJock Photoshoot
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I'm going to run 100 miles this month.

Monday, Dec 3 -- 6 miles (46:49)
Wednesday Dec 5 -- 6 miles (46:38)
Saturday Dec 8 -- 13 miles River City Loop (about 2 hours)
Monday, Dec 10 -- 6.7 miles (50 minutes)
Wednesday, Dec 12 -- 8 miles (60 minutes)
Sunday, Dec 16 -- 5.3 miles (42 minutes); Cleveland hotel
Monday, Dec 17 -- 5 miles (39:30 minutes); Cleveland hotel. Reached 50 miles this monthly. Slightly behind target.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

World HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
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Happy HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Confessions of a Lane Six Swimmer

Bilateral breathing is the next swimming skill I'm learning. Basically, I've been breathing on my right side every 4 strokes. I need to use alternate side and breath every three strokes. This skill will help me to balance my stroke so I can swim faster. In addition, I want my lat (back) muscles to develop evenly on each side.
So far, I only do bilateral breathing during 25- or 50-yard drills. It doesn't come naturally, so I have to do a stroke count in my head. It's easier to do during pull drills when I already focus on my upper body movement.

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