Sunday, January 23, 2011

Confessions of a Fins Swimmer

As the Philly Fins expanded practices to 5 times a week, I have been going 4 times a week this month. Perhaps because of the added practice, the pool this January hasn't been as crowded as I'd expect. We usually have 4-6 people per lane. I mostly swim in lane 2. There is a hot new doctor swimming in lane 2. He's too slow for lane 2 now, but no one wants this eye candy to swim in another lane :)

I usually swim first when we do stroke or kick sets, and move back when we do freestyle. I'm comfortable with doing 1:45 pace for 100 free and 3:40 pace for 200 free. My 100 kick or stroke pace is 2:15. Today, we did a rare 2 x 500 set. I went second. My time for the first 500 was 8:08. I moved up front 200 yards into the second set, and ended up just under 8 minutes.

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