Monday, January 24, 2005

Jeff Bridges, Elvis, and Other Sightings

As Jacob and I were getting ready to board a plane to Memphis, we heard over the PA system that Jeff Bridges was not ready and we were urged to watch our steps as we entered the plane. Jacob looked at me saying he wasn't aware that Jeff Bridges was working for Northwest Airlines. To our disappointment, what was being said was "jet bridge's not ready."
Of course, the first thing we saw in Memphis was Graceland. I'm no Elvis fan, but I enjoy a few old Elvis tunes. Jacob didn't feel that the inside of Graceland was worth seeing, so we got a free tour from far away. We did pose for a few photos in front of the famed Graceland wall of grafitti. That was all of Elvis I could take in one day.
We did pay to see the inside of the Clinton library in Little Rock, Arkasas. Who knew that this was becoming a busy gay cruising spot in the American heartland!We were looking for the infamous blue dress, but all we could find was a set of Bill and Hillary cookie cutters.
Jacob's family was crazy but they treated me well. I felt welcome, and I actually had more fun spending time with Jacob's family than mine.
We failed to spot Elvis in Memphis, but we managed to find some great Southern meals!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My last 12 months

It seems almost too late to reflect on my 2004 events. However, I feel like my new year hasn't really began as I'm still on semester break until this Tuesday.
In 2004, I found myself spending a lot of time in Chestnut Hill before Jacob and I decided to move to Regatta Apartments in a blue-collar Norristown. We vacationed in Rehoboth, DE and Bar Harbor, ME. We went camping in Ocean City, NJ and hung out in Deep Creek, MD.
Jacob pedaled from "City to Shore" while raising over $1000 for multiple sclerosis. I ran "Against Bush" and for AIDS charities. We both gave up sugar and carbs while following the South Beach diet, for a few months.
I started the year taking rock climbing classes and ended up becoming a serious runner. Who would have thought that I would complete a marathon. That was the best 30th birthday present I gave myself. Having the Philadelphia Marathon on my credential, I joined the Philadelphia Front Runners and made new friends.
A new job sort of fell into my lap in February. It was overwhelming the first five months, but now everything is a breeze. I can truly say that I love my job and it's the best job I ever had.
Jacob made me laugh so hard it hurt. The outcome of the presidential election made cry. Being around my friends reminded me that I was having the time of my life.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Frostbite 5 Miler

I decided to sign up for the Ambler Frostbite 5-miler to support this cute old town. Jim C and I will be aiming for the same pace. Alexis will be running in her longest race. It's hard to believe, but this is going to be my first official 5 miler. I hope Dr. Jeff will run with me. The past month since I started running with him (and the Philadelphia Frontfrunners), I've cut 3 minutes off of my 5-mile time. Maybe it's my new Nike Pegasus sneakers. Maybe I was trying to keep up with Jeff and his too-tight tight.

Frostbite 5 Mile Run
February 19th 2005 - 9 AM
Ambler, PA
Mattison Elementary School
131 Rosemary Ave, Ambler, PA 19002
(near Mattison Ave. & S. Ridge Ave.)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The water's fine

The water's fine, and I can still breaststroke like a real swimmer. As running became my cardiovascular exercise of choice, I avoided the indoor pool the past six months. The crowd also kept me away, as I preferred not to wait in my squarecut bathing suit for one of the four lanes . My brief return to the indoor pool this week was a success. I was able to stroke my way through a few dozen laps effortlessly. I also made me consider for a few seconds joining the Philadelphia FINS, but my memory of the butch lesbian pushing me off of the slow lane still lingers.

I'm pleased with my New Jersey Marathon training progress. It's appropriate to say that I've kicked up a few notches since my Philadelphia Marathon training last autumn. Since April 17th is three months away, I'm keeping myself from running ahead of my program, which calls for around 20 miles a week at this stage.

One result of my marathon training is that I've never been in a better shape! I better buy more mirror!!!