Saturday, May 26, 2007

Philadelphia Triathlon - 4 weeks away!

Spring Training
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Finally came a good day of triathlon training: 1-mile swimming, 20-mile bike, and 5-mile running. It was not pretty! I grunted audibly as I pedaled uphills. A shopping trip in the afternoon was my reward.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paradise 5k

Yes, there is an organized race in Paradise, Pennsylvania.
I drove my cousins to Paradise Saturday morning to take park in the 3rd Annual Paradise Park - Joe Heyer 5K Run/ 2 Mile Walk. I was deep in Amish Country by the time I found Paradise. This version of paradise didn't have shirtless muscled men dancing to Madonna. This Paradise had endless farms, horse and buggy rides, Wal-Mart fashion, and people in desperate need of dermatology and dental work.
The filed of 79 runners featured some diamonds in the rough. Even during the warm-up, I noticed some serious runners. I spotted a guy who ended up winning the 5k race in 16 minutes. There was a 13 year-old boy who passed me after a mile and kicked by butt. There was Hutch Strees, an accomplished local triathlete whom I conversed with at the end of the race. Hutch ran an even 6 minute mile so he finished 3 minutes before I did.
I came in around 21:30, good for 22nd place out of 79th runners. I would have won third place in M30-39 division if I could hold my Clean Air 5k pace.

5K Run at Paradise Park
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And there were Santa Claus, who finished dead last, 79th out of 79th. He got the most cheers from a handful of people still hung around well after the elite athletes did another 5k lap. I shouted "Merry Chirstmas!" and my cousins followed suit. Santa posed for photos with my family.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jerry Farwell and Adolf Hilter

Toilet Humor
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Jerry Farwell and Adolf Hilter practiced politics of division. They used religion to incite violence. Gone!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marathon No. 13 & 14

Two marathons that I started out ok but finished weak

Los Angles Marathon (March 4, 2007)
Chip Time: 04:05:20
Clock Time: 04:15:58
Pace: 9 minutes 21 seconds per mile
Split 10k: 55:44
Split Half: 1:58:56
Split 30k 2:47:44

Geogia Marathon (March 25,2007)
Chip Time: 04:15:13
Clock Time: 04:07:32
Pace: 9 minutes 30 seconds?
Split 10k: 53:00
Split Half: 1:51:29
Split 20 miles 3:01:08


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broad Street Run 2007

Broad Street Run 2007

A solid run continued my love/hate relationship with the Broad Street Run. I placed 2,060 out of 15,882 finishers with a clock time of 1:16:52 and a chip time of 1:16:52 this year. This was definitely an improvement over my 2005 time when I placed 6,260 out of 12,050 finishers with a clock time of 1:34:55 and chip time of 1:30:08.

I love watching enthusiastic runnings during the race. I hate that many of the Broad Street runners don't line up according to their realistic pace. I love running down on Broad Street looking at great buildings. I hate that a many great buildings on Broad Street are abandoned and in disrepair. I love running on Broad Street. I hate that the finish area is about a mile away from the nearest Broad Street subway station.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Alliance Party

Alliance Party
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You're invite.

Your host,

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