Sunday, May 15, 2005

Delaware Marathon

Marathon no. 3 is in the bag, baby! I ran a conservative race -- slow and steady. I really paid attention to energy balance, giving myself time to load and unload fluid. The CLIF Bar I carried for 17 miles provided a nice energy supply to help me finish strong.

When I reached the mile 23 marker, I attempted to pick up my pace, telling myself that I could do a 5K in 25 minutes. The 8 minute mile pace lasted a quarter of a mile when reality set in and I went back to my slow pace. I kicked in again at the mile 26 marker, and sustained this pace to the finish line.

2nd Annual Coventry Health Care Delaware Marathon
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Frawley Stadium, Wilmington Riverfront
Wilmington, Delaware

# of Marathon Registrants: 600
# of Marathon Finishers: 507

I placed 352nd at 4:45:45 gun time (4:45:05 chip time); 26/32 for M30-34; and 266/361 for total males.

The course consisted of four laps with some two-way running traffic. Thus, I passed most landmarks and water stops eight times. I really didn't mind sharing the course with the 600 relay runners who started 30 minues after the marathoners. The crowd was small but vocal. A few live bands along the route was a bonus. The volunteers were enthusiastic and encouraging. Fluid stations at every mile were great. I wish more food was available. I'd drop out if I didn't carry the CLIF bar.


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