Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jury Duty with Philly Mayor Nutter

I was on jury duty today. I was selected for a criminal case (robbery and illegal posession of fire arms on North block of 29th St. in January 2008). I was juror number 28. Juror no 19 was Philly mayor Michael Nutter. The mayor got a lot of looks when he first came in to the wait room, but most people left him alone for the rest of the day. He said hello to a few people but mostly kept to himself.

After waiting around for 5 hours, I was excused because of a personal connection. Not sure if Nutter was selected or excused.
Trial hasn't even started yet!

8:15 am check-in, fill out survey no. 1
8:45 am - briefed on logistics for the day
9:00 am - received video instructions on how to fill out survey no. 1
9:15 am - received instructions from a judge
10:00 am - selected for a criminal case along with 49 other people
10:15 am - moved to a court room
10:30 am - moved to another court room; filled out survey no. 2
11:15 am - sent to lunch
12:30 pm - reported back from lunch
1:00 pm - sent to jury room behind court room 807
1:10 pm - sent to court room. Judge asked me two questions and sent me out.
1:15 pm - received the $9.00 stipend and sent home

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