Friday, December 31, 2010

Tri Another Year

It has been quite a year in my triathlon activities. 250 miles swimming. 500 miles bicycling. 1000 miles running.

My freestyle improved significantly this year as I moved from Lane 5 to Lane 4 (now Lane 2). My best time for 100 yards was 1:22 at the Fins time trial. I swam 200 yards for under 3:00 a few times during practice. I'm still most comfortable swimming breaststroke, but I don't think I made any progress breaststroking this year.

My swimming highlight for 2010 was my Cologne Gay Games 200 meters medley relay with Jan, Pat LL, and Donald. We were the Fins' B-team. Expectations were low but we had plenty of spirit. Pat LL swam our best leg on his back, giving our team a big lead. I barely held on to the lead during my breaststroke leg. I got out of the pool to watch Jan. It was probably Jan's first attempt at 50 fly at a meet. He got through without getting disqualified, which was what we hoped. Donald then jumped while our team was in either 4th or 5th spot. He swam the best 50 free I had ever seen him swim, and grabbed the 3rd spot for our team!

Tri pre-season begins
Most of my miles on my bike came from my summer commute to work. I bought my first tri bike, and I managed to lose control and fell of the bike on my first ride. A half Iron-distance tri will have to wait.

Philadelphia Triathlon 2010
Running was definitely my best event in 2010. I set personal bests for 5k, 10k, 10 miles, and marathon. With these personal bests, I reached quite a few milestones: first 5k under 20 minutes, first 10 mile race at 7 min pace, and first marathon under 3:30 hours. Crossing the finish line with my partner at the Death Valley Trail Marathon and 30k race was definitely another highlight.

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