Sunday, December 11, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon 2011

Philadelphia Marathon
It was my 7th Philly marathon in 7 years, and I'm happy to extend this long term relationship. Otherwise, it was not very memorable. It was a nice day to run, and it seemed that this race was getting bigger every year.

I was aiming for 3:45 and I finished at 3:45:59. I knew my second half would be slower and my body would start to break down. True. True. I was ok until around mile 11, keeping pace with the 3:30 group. I reached the half point at 1:41 but the way to Manuyunk seemed so far and my pace gradually slowed down. I started to walk at each fluid station. The 3:40 pace group passed by as I barely kept a 10 minute pace for the last 3 miles.

I was very happy to see the Boat House row and the Art Museum!

The nice thing about finishing this race is that for the first year ever, all my marathon times are under 4 hours.