Thursday, March 27, 2008

Confessions of a Lane Six Swimmer

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Wow .... we swam 2600 yards in Lane 6 today. The workout was about 80 percent freestyle and 20 percent stroke, short distances and 10 second rest between reps. The difference was the talkers were away, so Glenn, Kim, and I were able to keep our intervals. Glenn was mostly the lane leader; I took over during stroke and kick sets.
March 2008 has certainly been my best swimming month ever. I swam over 2000 yards for the first time on March 4, and March 27 I swam 2600 yards without sitting out any laps. It took two years of regular swimming to see some real progress!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Your People

Anh Dang

:: - The Official Visitor Site for Greater Philadelphia

Would tourists want to come to Philadelphia because I'm a resident? The city tourism group thinks so. They made me part of their latest tourism campaign targeting gay tourists.

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We Your People

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sex and Race

Philly Pride Parade 2007Jun10 119
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If I were not a gay Asian-American, would I ...

parade on a float wearing a swimsuit?
canvass my neighborhood to get out the votes?
have my career with a big corporation?
watch Project Runway?
run 5 marathons a year?
eat rice?
shop for 600 thread count sheets?
dance to Madonna?
file my own taxes?
fill out 100 online profiles?

Feast of Fools

Meet & Greet in Philly at Triumph
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Feast of Fools is like a Howard Stern for the gay, the fabulous, and the fierce.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Keep on stroking

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Forty-six swimmers were in the pool on Tuesday, March 4, perhaps a Fins attendance record. Over in Lane Six that day, we will remember the 2000+ yard workout that is already legendary.

Coach: Jen
Swimmers: Anh, Jan, Kim, Brad, Bill, Glen, Stan, Marc

2 x 75 swim
2 x 100 pull
4 x 50 kick

Main set #1
8 x 50 (odd drill, even fast)
8 x 50 (odd free, even stroke)
8 x 50 (odd drill, even fast)
8 x 50 (odd free, even stroke)

Main set #2
12 x 25 (1-3 build; 4 fast)

We started out with 8 swimmers but only 3 stayed the entire practice. I kept up for the most part. I skipped 2 of the 32 50's in the first main set, and I did 8 instead of 12 in the second main set.

This was the first workout that I went over 2000 yards.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Free Stuff in Philadelphia

Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA
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We love free stuff, don't we? These are my favorite free stuff in Philadelphia.

Free tour of the Kimmel Center, my favorite Philadelphia building, given daily at 1 PM.

Free (technically pay what you wish) admission to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, every Sunday

Free swims with the Fins Aquatics Club, first week, for new members

Free anonymous HIV testing given by the Mazzoni Center

No cover at TOC so you can have endless fun at the piano bar and the upstairs dance floor

Free -- most activities at the William Way GLBT Community Center. You can even pick up a free copy of The Advocate.