Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sinking Feet and Lazy Elbows

Snowed In
I am on track to reach 40,000 yards in the pool this month. I have gone to most practices this month. I have been able to swim about 3,000 yards per practice.
I'm working on my sinking feet and my lazy right elbow. But the most exciting thing is that I have started to breath on my left side. I can do it now, but it hasn't felt naturally yet. I have to pause momentarily to tilt my head to the left. Some times I tilt too much, some times too little. I hope bilateral breathing will help my body position, although I have not realized that benefit just yet.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Confessions of a Lane Five Swimmer

Philly Fins
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It's nice to be able to swim 3,000 yards in a practice again!!! I consistently crossed 3,000 yards while I was in Lane 4. Then I got distracted with running marathons, playing with my dog, making dinners, and dealing with the 2009 swine flu. Now I'm back in Lane 5, and barely making it it.

I swam in Lane 5 with James and Grace, who were better swimmers. James didn't say a word but the thought of skipping a 50 and getting a disapproving look from him shamed me into keeping up. I did skipped a 50 during the 8 x 200 main set. My pace was a little slower than my lane mates', but they had more rest to help pull me along. I think James stopped when he reached 3,000 yards, while Grace and I continued with our 15 x 50 set. We were on the 10th when practice ended. This was one a few practices that I could swim 30 more minutes!

I only plan to swim twice a week for the next several months, so I just hope to be able to reach 3,000 yards every practice.