Saturday, May 08, 2010

April 2010 Workout Summary

Run: 70 miles (vs. 125 miles in March). Highlights:
10-April Garden Spot Village Marathon: 3:43:04; 8:30 pace; 55th overall; 6/48 M35-39
11-April Fruit Loop win #2 (Joe walked to finish behind Frank). My loop time was a personal best, around 62 minutes.
17-April Clean Air Councils 5K Run: 19:52.1 (personal best); 6:25 pace; 30/1300 total finishers; 27/578 M; 5/65 M35-39
18-April Penn Relays 20k Distance Classic: 1:33:06 7:30 pace; 57/187 total finishers; 7/25 M30-39
24-April Fruit Loop win #3 (Joe tried to pass me at Mile #6, but I wasn't going down without a fight; almost had to send out a search team for Kevin)

Swim: 25 miles (vs. 8.5 miles in March). I was back to my January swim pace and mileage.

Bike: twice ... 10 minutes each! My triathlon race is 2 weeks away!

Weightlifting: back to my once a week maintenance plan.

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