Monday, December 24, 2007

My greatest 10 mile run ever

My greatest 10 mile run ever
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That was the day before Christmas when I put on my shorts and sleeveless shirt for a run around Philadelphia. Since I already ran 13 miles the day before, I was planning a short 5-mile run, following the Frontrunners Philadelphia Fun Run route. I did just that, with an extended northern invasion instead of the backward Washington Square East loop.

I waved at the tourists as I ran by the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall. Once I got back to the gayborhood, I felt great. I decided to run a little further. I was just going to Love Park and turned around. Once I saw the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, I knew what I wanted to do. I ran up the Parkway and ran up the Rocky steps. I have always enjoyed looking at the Philly skyline from the top steps of the Art Museum.
Not even pausing for a second, I headed down the steps , crosing Martin Luther King Drive to merge into the Skuylkill Banks to make my way back to Center City. Walnut Street was full of last minute shoppers all decked out in heavy winter coats. People probably thought I was crazy for wearing shorts and sleeveless shirt. I was actually sweating as I zigzagged around crowded sidewalks. I felt amazing as I sprinted Broad Street, returning to the gayborhood.

That was the day before Christmas, and I had completed my greatest 10 mile run ever.

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Blogger vuquoc said...

Mừng bạn có cuộc sống tự do... Chúc bạn thành đạt theo ý nguyện.

Vũ Quốc

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Blogger Kevin said...

Awesome, congrats!

2:30 PM  

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