Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007: Year in Review

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2007 Favorites

The biggest thing that happened to me in 2007 was that I became a homeowner. It’s a small 1BR condo in a cute little building in Center City Philadelphia just two blocks from my previous apartment. The condo is one of many things that will keep me around Philadelphia for a long time. Another thing is the Philadelphia Fins Aquatics Club. I swim with this GLBT Masters swim club about 3 times a week. I am the current president of the club, so there is behind-the-scene work for me everyday, and I enjoy nearly every minute!

I still run frequently. I completed marathons no. 12 to 16 this year. I didn't break any personal marathon records, but I picked up a personal best at the 5k distance with 20:37 (Clean Air Council 5k; April 22). I recently started doing trail running, and did a few trail races in 2007. Other events I participated for the first time in 2007: Olympic distance triathlon, Masters swim meet, 1.5 mile open water swim, One-hour postal swim, and a 150-mile bike tour.

My parents came to see many of my events. My most fun time with my parents this year was the time we went on the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise after the Philadelphia Distance Run which my cousin Ro and I completed. My cousin Ro, his sister Ngoc, her friend Ly and I went to the Grand Canyon in January. That was my favorite vacation this year. I realized that I was a grown-up when I was the person in charge of driving from the Grand Canyon back to Phoenix in the middle of a snowstorm.

Many of my friends have become the family that I make. There has been no one that I spent more time with in the past two years than Chris Yencer. Some people probably think we are boyfriends. I did have a boyfriend, an architect, for a few months earlier this year. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by many friends who frequently put up with all my antics.

Career-wise, I’m approaching my 10th year at my current company. I took a new position in 2007. What I do saves lives, and I have to say I enjoy my job, and don't mind the long hours and the hectic schedule. I'm active in the GLBT employee network at my company, and this year I was given an award at work basically for being gay.

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