Friday, December 28, 2007

100-Mile Run Against Time: Completed

From 2007 Favorites

I have reached my goal of running 100 miles this month. December has always been a tough month for me to maintain my workout schedule, so having a goal certainly helped.
It took me 17 days to reach the first 50 miles. That wasn't so bad. However, the holiday bug got to me between Dec 18 and Dec 22 during which I ran a total of zero mile. I thought about giving up running for the rest of the month to enjoy the holidays. However, the better part of me took over, and here was how I completed the next 50 miles:

Sunday December 23 - 13 miles river loop
Monday December 24 - 10 miles river to river city loop
Tuesday December 25 - 5 miles country roads in Delaware
Wednesday December 26 - 7 miles (55:20)
Thursday December 27 - 8 miles treadmill (61:55)
Friday December 28 - 7 miles treadmill (51:23)

50 miles in six days and I feel great!

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