Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broad Street Run 2007

Broad Street Run 2007

A solid run continued my love/hate relationship with the Broad Street Run. I placed 2,060 out of 15,882 finishers with a clock time of 1:16:52 and a chip time of 1:16:52 this year. This was definitely an improvement over my 2005 time when I placed 6,260 out of 12,050 finishers with a clock time of 1:34:55 and chip time of 1:30:08.

I love watching enthusiastic runnings during the race. I hate that many of the Broad Street runners don't line up according to their realistic pace. I love running down on Broad Street looking at great buildings. I hate that a many great buildings on Broad Street are abandoned and in disrepair. I love running on Broad Street. I hate that the finish area is about a mile away from the nearest Broad Street subway station.

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Blogger JOHN said...

Hi Anh: I have been admiring your blog for a while now and I finally created one myself. Love that you love baseball as well. I am a Chicago Cub fan. I live in Boystown which is right next to Wrigley field. You are very attractive. Oh btw could you get me a date with the Phillies right fielder Shaun Victorino? He is so Yummy! Okay hopefully the cubs won't get swept today! Ciao for now and have a nice day, John

10:58 AM  
Blogger JOHN said...

oh my blog is LamarChicago. thanks John

10:59 AM  

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