Friday, December 16, 2005

My 2005 Pop Song of the Year

As of March 17 this year, my five most played Mariah Carey songs on my iTunes were
1. Never Too Far (love theme from "Glitter")
2. Endless Love (duet with Luther Vandross)
3. Whenever You Call (duet with Brian McKnight)
4. My Saving Grace
5. Hero

As of now ...
1. We Belong Together (Mimi)
2. Never Too Far (Glitter)
3. Endless Love (Duet with Luther Vandross, from a maxi-single)
4. My Saving Grace (Charmbracelet)
5. Whenever You Call (Duet with Brian McKnight, from #1)
6. Hero (Music Box)
7. Open Arms (Daydream)
8. When You Believe (Duet with Whitney, from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack)
9. Through the Rain (Charmbracelet)
10. One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men, from Music Box)

"We Belong Together" is the hit song from Mariah's April 2005 CD. It has become the most played song on my computer, ever. iTunes already registered 38 plays, so I averaged one listen per week for the past seven months.

The question is, did I create drama in my own relationship as an excuse to listen to this track?


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