Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wet Gratitude: Confessions of a Wannable Swimmer, Part 9

Vote FINS Swim Team for Philly Gay Calendar Best Sports Team
The best thing about the Philadelphia FINS Aquatics Club is its wonderful membership. Besides looking amazingly sexy, this is a bunch of fun and social people. We often go out for dinner after practices. We have fun socials. Someone on the team is always inviting others to join them for social events. When we need to get serious, you can't find a more determined group of people. We brought home a few dozen medals from the Chicago Gay Games this summer. We raise money for charities. We are pulling together to organize a memorial celebration for our head coach who recently passed away.
Now you can vote the FINS Swim Team for Philly Gay Calendar Best Sports Team!
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Glad you enjoyed Chicago!


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