Sunday, November 19, 2006

2006 Philadelphia Marathon

2006 Philadelphia Marathon
I'm quaified to join Marathon Maniacs. I ran another marathon today, my third in two months and second in eight days.
I approached today's race as a fun run. I had done it twice before, and I trained on parts of the course every week. Wearing a brand new type of running shoes (Stability Control) would also add another layer of complexity.
I started out doing an 8:0 pace and quickly settled to a 9:00 pace when I felt that my strides were not as easy as they should. I held the 9:00 pace for about 10 miles and slipped a little bit by mid-way (2 hours 11 minutes). I think the official clock was off though, because my final time was 4 hours and 12 minutes, or that I was 11 minutes faster on my second half. That was far away from the truth. I stopped to talk to an injured runner (Matt from South Jersey). I had about five one-minute walk. I had a beer at around Mile 21.
Anway, according to the offical result, I had a negative split, and that was the first time I ever achieved that rare feast. It was a difficult run, but fun nonetheless.

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