Tuesday, December 05, 2006

torcetrapib heart breaker

The news that Pfizer halted torcetrapib trials sent shockwaves around the world last weekend. Well, among the few who knew what torcetrapib was. This heart drug candidate was supposed to raise levels of good cholesterol, or HDL, and become the next blockbuster drug after Lipitor goes off patent in 2011. In fact, Pfizer had planned to seek approval only for a combination therapy with torcetrapib already formulated with Lipitor, which is indicated to lower cholesterols ALONG WITH DIET AND EXCERCISE. After much protest from the medical industry, Pfizer reluctantly agreed to seek approval to sell torcetrapib by itself, so doctors would have an option of prescribing torcetrapib with a cholesterol lowering statin, perhaps a generic version of Lipitor (storvastatin calcium) after 2011.
Well, torcetrapib is no more, due to high fatality incidence compared to placebo data.
I'm still shocked.
Oh. My. Heart.



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