Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Last Compact Discs

It was like attending a funeral of an ex-lover. It stirred up some bittersweet memories and a lot of guilt. That pretty much summed up my impromptu trip to the Tower Records store closing sale after my swim practice tonight. Back in the 90s, Tower Records and I used to be tight. As a suburban boy, I regularly made weekend trips to Philadelphia to buy import maxi-singles at the Tower Records store on South Street. I even had a date there!

That was before I discovered, and Best Buy. Once I switched over to iTunes, I abruptlly broke up with Tower Records. Even after I moved back to the city, living three blocks away from the Chestnut TR store, I never went inside. Until tonight. As I saw the store closing signs, I knew I had to come in to pay my last respect, and to buy my last compact discs.

My purchase
Jocelyn Enriquez - All My Life
Highlights from Les Miserables - Broadway Original Cast Recording
Let's Dance! The Best of Ballroom Fox Trots and Waltzes
Highlights from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard - American Premiere Recording
All Shook Up - Original Broadway Cast Recording


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