Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flip Turns: Confessions of a Wannable Swimmer; Part 8

Midterm elections and a out-of-town marathon forced me to miss a week of swim practices. I returned to the pool last week and was treated to a lession on flip turns on Tuesday. I struggled. I flipped but I didn't turn. My head got stuck in the water and my feet were up in the air.
The Thursday practice went a lot better for me. Coach T. gave me a personalized workout. I did a lot of 50s with freestyling one way and breaststroking on the way back. I probably swam for about 2,000 yards total. After the workout, Coach T. said that I needed to slow down my strokes and kept on working to breath on my left side.
Now that my fall racing circuit is over I'm hoping to make some Sunday swim practices. I probably will try to swim on my own once a week at my gym.

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