Tuesday, November 21, 2006

8 Weeks to Marathon No. 12

It was a case of diminishing returns. The trade-off for running three marathons in two months was the increasing time it took to complete each marathon. I feel like I can do 45 minutes faster than my last finish, given proper training and rest. I am shooting for a 3 hour 35 minutes finish. I'm training with a heart rate monitor and a GPS device to track miles and pace.

My next marathon is eight weeks away. That's usually not enough time to train, but it should be enough for me to return to form. I won't pile up a lot of mileage, but I should be abe to condition my body for a faster run.

I will follow this program:
Week 8 (Nov 20-26): 5 miles
Week 7 (Nov 27-Dec 3): 10 miles
Week 6 (Dec 4-10): 15 miles
Week 5 (Dec 11-17): 25 miles
Week 4 (Dec 18-24): 30 miles
Week 3 (Dec 25-31): 15 miles
Week 2 (Jan 1-7): 10 miles
Week 1 (Jan 8-14): 26.2 mile race

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