Saturday, December 01, 2012

Pretzel City Sports Dirty Bird 15k Race Report

Well, well, I wasn't the only want who came back for a second Turkey Trot. I met Grant Farrell at the Millersville Turkey Trot 5k. I lined up next to him. He finished the 5k about a minute ahead of me, and we chatted briefly afterward. It was cool to meet another Hempfield High School alum who is still racing. This dude was at the Dirty Bird 15k trail race 3 days later, and collected 2nd place for Male 30-39. He was so fast that he was already dressed up in warm clothes when I came in. #WERQ

Dirty Bird 15k elevation

So how was my race? I definitely ran better than I did at my first Dirty Bird 5 years ago. I still started out fast and struggled a little bit going up hill from mile 0.5 to mile 1.5. Many guys and and a few gals passed me during this long incline. I started working my way up after mile 1.5. No one else passed me from mile 1.5 to the finish. I ran very well downhill, flats, and even up some small hills and finish in 1 hour and 22 minutes. I was about 13 minutes slower than that dude Grant but I was 6 minutes faster than my previous Dirty Bird run.

Every time I run a trail race, I wonder why I don't run trail races more often. Trail running puts me in a good mood but I don't have easy access to trails living in center city. I do enjoy all the Pretzel City Sports trail runs and hope to do one or two each year.

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