Friday, November 30, 2007

Dirty Bird 15k

Eric and I took a road trip to Birdsboro, Pennsylvania to run the Dirty Bird 15k trail race. We are not experienced trail runners, so we were there more for the joy of trail running.

It was a nice drive to the French Creek State Park. I didn't get lost until I reached the sate park, and couldn't find an entrance to the start/finish area. Luckily we allowed time for this exact issue, and the drive was very scenic.

The temperature was in the high 30's at the start.

I went out way too fast .... I was among the top 25 after 1/2 mile which was went we started going off trail. That was the beginning of a long climb, and my body couldn't handle it. So 15 minutes into the race, I started walking. After 5 minutes, Eric passed me. I saw Eric but couldn't lift my knees up. I walked for a few more minutes until we reached the top of the hill.

I started running again, had a gel pack, and my body recovered. Running on rocks and twisty trails were not too different from running while playing soccer. Thus, my footing was fine. I passed many runners including Eric and another Fins, Ironman Brian. I walked a few more hills but for the most part, I sprinted downhill to make up for the lost time.

My time was 1 hours 28 minutes and 43 seconds. I was 133rd out of 458 finishers.

I felt fine after the race, and started running again the next day. The Dirty Bird 15k trail run the happy ending I was looking for to finish my 2007 racing year!

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird

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