Thursday, November 25, 2010

Personal Record at Philadelphia Marathon 2010

Philadelphia Marathon 2010

Well, kids, training does make a huge difference. I trained well for the Philadelphia Marathon this year, and I had my most amazing marathon race ever. I set a personal record. I went under 3:30 for the first time. I had my first negative split. It was the race that I had always wanted to run since I started running 6 years ago.

I started out with the 3:30 group and hung in with them for the first 9 miles. I broke away after mile 9. By mile 15, I was between the 3:30 and the 3:20 groups. I slowed down a little bit the last 5 miles but never too far out of my pace. Half way through, I knew I was in a position to break my personal best, and that reason gave me a huge motivation to push through.

So, now I can put aside my under-performance at the Philly marathon. I always had one reason or another to run poorly at this race. I beat my time last year by 1:21. Here are all my Philly times:

2010 3:28:42

2009 4:49:57

2008 4:32:22

2007 4:14:14

2006 4:12:05

2005 4:25:29

2004 4:56:53

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