Saturday, September 20, 2008

Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life 2008

The sea was a lot calmer. So was I the second time around. My boat got to High Point early, so there was some time to warm up, socialize, and pee before the start of the swim.

My fellow Lane 5 Fins Kevin and I decided to stick together, and that was what we did. I swam for about 100 yards and stopped to look for each other. I zigzagged all over the place, so I probably added 1/4 mile to our swim. My brand new Nike googles didn't fit me, so every 100 yards I had to let water out.

Toward the end, Kevin took a rest by hanging on to a kayak, so I finished a few minutes ahead of him.

Dan and all the Fins participants were waiting for us! As I ran up to the dick dock, I felt like I could swim another 1.5 miles!


Swim for Life

Swim Number

Mermaid Brunch at the Boatslip

Nike Google

Fins @ P-town Swim for Life 2008

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