Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lehigh Valley Steelman Triathlon

Finally, I got around to do a sprint distance triathlon. It's a fun race that pretty much anyone can do without any significant training. I signed up for this race in May, and almost skipped it to go to Rehoboth Beach for the weekend.

The swim portion went as well as I could imagine. The lake temperature was 79 degrees, so no wetsuits allowed for official results. I stayed with the slower pack of my wave, alternating between freestyle and breaststroke. The sun glare affected my vision, so I found myself drifting toward land too much when I swam freestyle.

My slow bike time seems to indicate that something went wrong. No, I didn't have a flat tire. My bike was fine. I was painfully slow. At first, I enjoyed the slow scenic ride, but as soon as I got passed by people who shouldn't pass me, I thought about all the training rides that I skipped.

Steelman Triathlon

Steelman Triathlon

Steelman Triathlon

29/37 M30-34
208/308 Males
395th out of 524 overall sprint finishers

Swim (800 yards)
18:14 minutes; 264th out of 524

Transition 1 (swim to bike) 2:16

Bike (12.8 miles)
54:08 minutes; pace = 14.2 miles per hour; 420th out of 524

Transition 2 (bike to run) 0:54

Run (3.1 miles)
23:48 minutes; 7:41 minutes per mile pace; 127th out of 524



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