Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Garden Party

P-town Project Runway
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Sometimes the most fun things we do are the ones we stumble upon. We were at a Provincetown cocktail party thrown by fellow Philly guys who happened to vacation at the same week as our group. Some guys in drag showed up, and invited us to join them for a garden party. Of course it wasn't going to be a typical garden party. It would be a Provincetown Project Runway.
Each contestants had a budget of $20 to buy things from dollar store or supermarket to make a garden party dress in two hours! One of our housemates agreed to be a contestant, and it was "sew-time!" To support our housemate in the competition, we all came to the show in drag. We brought dresses at church yard sale, and our gracious hosts let us borrow their wigs.
The competition was fierce. The judges were bitchy. We all had a great time! Our housemate was the first runner up in the competition. We came away with the most fun we had had in P-town without stuffing a fish down our pants.

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