Friday, August 08, 2008

Confessions of a Lane Five Swimmer - Part 1

Whoa, I've moved to Lane 5! The migration was mostly due to a few new beginners joining the team the past two months. A few fellow former Lane Six regulars moved with me which made my move a lot easier to adjust.

Lane 5 can be fast one day and slow the next day, depending on who shows up. Some days I was able to complete all lane 5 sets. Certain days, I have to skip a few 50's to catch my breath. I can keep up well if the set includes breaststroke or freestyle of 50 yards or less. I lose pace at every freestyle turn since I can't flip!

I'd have no problem going back to lane 6 during practices when lane 6 is more appropriate for me. Lane 5 for me is a new challenge, and I hope that I will feel more comfortable as time goes by.

26.2 miles ahead

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whats with the underarm hair portraiture ???

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