Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Confessions of a Lane Six Swimmer, Part 1

Lane Six is the slowest lane for the FINS, and I'm currently the slowest person in Lane Six. It's not something I should brag about, but it gives me a reason to strive to get out of this spot.

I still struggle with keeping my body horizontal to the water surface. My legs sink and drag along. I can swim a 50-yard freestyle lap now, but I need more than 10 second rest before the next lap. I probably need 60 seconds. I do a little better during freestyle drills especially kicks since I can rely on my marathon legs. My best set is still breaststrokes, when I am actually the fastest person in my lane.

In summary, I know a thing or two about spreading my legs for the breaststrokes, but I still have no idea how to stick my ass up in the air for freestyle.

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