Sunday, January 07, 2007

Most Played Songs

My most played songs fit into three categories: Mariah, Vietnamese, and Broadway. One thing in common is that they are mostly sappy romantic ballad. Now if I can get Mariah to sing a Broadway ballad in Vietnamese, I'd put "play one" in non-stop repeats!


1. “Thuong Nhau Ngay Mua” (80) – Lam Thuy Van & Trung Hanh – This sappy Vietnamese ballad took me my storm in late October 2006 and shot right to the top of my list in six weeks.
2. “Seasons of Love” (72) – the film cast of Rent – I was looking for something to make sense of where I was in the world, and this song hit the right chord.
3. “Quen Di Tinh Yeu Cu” (69) – Trinh Nam Son – I totally have a crush on this 1990s Vietnamese-American singer / songwriter.
4. “We Belong Together” (66) – Mariah Carey – This was my song of 2005 for many reasons. I still pause to reflect when I hear this song. So much drama packed in four minutes!
5. “How Can I Not Love You” (62) – Joy Enriquez – Not too many people know this sappy ballad from “Anna and the King,” but I associate this song with a special moment in my life.
6. “Café Mot Minh” (61) – Ngoc Le & Phuong Thao – My parents went to Vietnam and all I got was a lousy CD, and this amazing song.
7. “Never Too Far” (57) – Mariah Carey – I’d suffer through Glitter again just to experience this heart breaking ballad.
8. “Lullaby of Broadway” (56) – Jerry Orbach – A love letter for the old days of Broadway.
9. “Kiep Ngheo” (56) – Thanh Thuy – I made an ill-advised attempt at singing this tango tune at a wedding. I was lucky YouTube wasn’t around, or everyone would think that all gay Asians had Dow syndrome.
10. “My Saving Grace (54) – Mariah Carey – I first heard this song on Oprah, I thought Mariah was going through a seizure.

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