Friday, December 22, 2006

YMCA ... Confessions of a Wannabe Swimmer, Part 10

The Scientist
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Wide awake after a night of debauchery in New York City, E. and I decided to hold our own swim practice! We roamed mid-town Manthattan looking for swimsuits, caps and googles at nine o'clock on a Sunday morning. We found a Sports Authority store, and had to wait until 10 o'clock for the store to open.
Once we were let in, we charged upstairs to find the swimming section and grabbed what we needed. We were on a mission! We went to the Vanderbilt YMCA and immediate started our practice. E. was in Lane 3, and I took over Lane 4. I swam 1,800 meters breaststrokes while E swam 2,600 meters freestyle.
This YMCA pratice and my other swims at the 12th St. Gym, along with my twice weekly practices with the FINS, give me at least three good practices a week. I'm moving better. My endurance is improving.

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