Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gay Games: Days Five and Six

My host Matt and marathon man Bill came out to see my third soccer game on Tuesday. My team beat the London Leftfooters 2-0. I invited them both to the team dinner which was in Andersonville. Everyone on my team was in high spirit after the win, which put us in a good position for the playoff.

Wednesday morning I got up early to go with Matt to his 5K race. I volunteered at the main fluid / energy station. Met a bunch of people including the 5K overall winner Brandon who is the captain of my Team HRC Marathon. The last person to cross the finish line won a silver medal for her age group since she was 74 and there was only one other woman competing in the 70 and Over Female category. Saw one angry lesbian who thought see wasn't given a medal due to a computer glitch. That drama was music to gay men's ears.
Chicago Gay Games 5K
I was nervous coming to the Wednesday game, which was the first game I didn't start. I did play for about 10 minutes each half. We tied 1-1 with San Francisco, but three of our players had serious injuries. Craig's foot was broken in two places. Tony and Mike are questionable for the rest of the tournament. I actually cried after I saw Tony going down. While we were waiting for a medic, I rubbed his shoulders and felt helpless. The turn of events left the team in such a downer.
We were supposed to start the single elimination round Wednesday afternoon, but 20 minutes before start time, the game was canceled due to lightning and thunder.
Toronto Hot Shots!
I went shopping to get my mind away from soccer for a little bit. I also went to Crew Bar for the party.


Blogger Alec said...

Congrats on the soccer games! Hope you are loving Chicagoland.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Anh said...

Thank you for reading my blog. I'm honored! My soccer team didn't win, but it gave me more fuel to keep on playing.

10:34 PM  

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