Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gay Games: Day Three

DC Philly United had its first practice on Sunday between 11 am and 1 pm. It was hot, hot, hot! We played on an outdoor turf field. We could feel the rubber and the plastic materials welting under the heat. Despite the extreme condition, we had a great practice and scrimmage with Team Chicago.

We worked out positions and strategy. Everything went smoothly except for a high ball that resulted in a trip to a hospital and 8 stritches for one of our best players.

After practice, I went with another soccer player to see swimming but we were too late. I did run into a handful of my swimming teammates, one of them won three gold medals earlier in the day.

Dinner at Smith and Wolenski with teammates Craig and Tony.

Drinks at Cocktais in Boystown. I had a bottle of water.

We all left at 10:30 PM so we could get some rest before the games the next day.


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