Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Soccer Fever: I'd Do Both France and Italy

The World Cup must be the most popular reality TV show on earth! Even here in America, there are people I personally know who are on the edge emotionally the past four weeks. There are people who take vacation days just to go to a pub to watch a soccer game. Most of Philadelphia pubs offer World Cup specials. Even some gay bars jump on the bandwagon.

I haven't watched any of the games entirely, but I've caught some glimpses and highlights. I do follow the tournament by reading the sports section of newspapers.

During the round robin, I rooted for Team USA and all the Asian teams. Since none of them made it to the second round, I started to root for France. I have been a fan of the French national team since the mid 80's when Michel Platini was a soccer god. I like Italy too, so I won't be too upset if Italy ends up on top. Both countries have won before, so I would have been more excited if a new country got a chance to play for the FiFA Cup. Four more years until the next installment of this reality program!

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