Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gay Games: Day One

Once I got to the Phila. airport, I realized that I was on the same flight as Jen who is one of my favorite girls on the swimming team. Our plane arrived in Chicago two hours late. Jen already studied the Chicago train map, so I just followed her to the Hilton to get my Gay Game badge. Once we got off the train, we just followed gay people to find the host hotel.

Walked right into my soccer teammate Cliff outside of the Hilton. Cliff and I had no problem getting our badges which contained photo ID's that we previously uploaded. Jen's photo didn't come through, so she had to go through the long process.

While I was waiting for Jen, I ran into Jeff, whom I met at the gay soccer tournament in Rehoboth last year. Not only I was surprised that Jeff remembered my name, first and last, he and his boyfriend Mark took me to my hosted housing. They also invited me to Team Phillipines Welcome Party. It was such a random thing, but I went and had a great time!

I forgot some printouts of critical info for this trip, but now that I have Internet access, I can easily locate everything I need.

It's a good start!


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