Monday, June 26, 2006

Center City Fun Run

On June 12, I re-started the Monday evening runs with the Frontrunners Philadelphia. Four people showed up, including me, for the first run. Participants grew to 5 by June 19, and 6 by today, June 26.

I call this the "Center City Fun Run" since it starts and ends at Kahn's Park (11th and Pine Streets), and the pace is a little slower than the Frontrunners Saturday morning run, which is on Kelly Drive.

When I first joined the Frontrunners, I was a little intimidated. Everyone ran at his own pace, so I consistently came in last. I decided to make the Monday night run a little friendlier. I encouraged the group to stay together if possible. If someone fell behind, I would slow down my pace to stay with that person.

The Frontrunners Philadelphia used to hold this same Monday night run, but it was dropped about four years ago due to low interest. I intend to keep showing up, keep promoting it, and keep on running.


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