Friday, July 07, 2006

Gay Games: Seven Days Away

Five months ago, I made a decision to participate in the Chicago Gay Games.

It's days away. I'm flying out this Friday. I'm beginning to plan for logistics.

Although I have not discussed in great details, my marathon training has gone very well. I've done increasing long runs the past six weeks, including a 20-mile run last Saturday. I'm set as far as the marathon goes.

I will also play soccer in the Men's Division Two at the Gay Games. I haven't played much soccer this year, despite my recent soccer themed photoshoot. I figure I'll play in Division Two, so as long as I can run, I'd be able to contribute to my team, DC Philly United.

I briefly flirted with the idea of swimming at the Gay Games too, but I'll settle to be at the pool to cheer on my FINS teammates.

It's going to be a gay old time!


Blogger Scott Smallwood said...

Watch as Leslie Jordan and Baton Bob duke it out for Gay Games Glory

2:05 PM  

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