Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gay Games: Day Seven

The DC Philly United soccer team was eliminated from the Chicago Gay Games playoffs today, Thursday July 20. We tied 0-0 with the hometeam, Chicago Blaze, but lost the penalty kick shootouts. I was one of the three United players who missed the kicks. It was a stunning end to an otherwise spectacular game. I started and played the entire game. Everyone on my team played full out. I had a few great runs, going toe-to-toe with guys who were nearly a foot taller. No one could get through me. Everyone else on my team did a fantastic job.





Chicago Gay Games - Opening Ceremony

The line up for the playoff game was:
Goalie: John G.
Defensive Right Wing: me
Defensive Left Wing: Jeremy J.
Stopper: Steve S.
Sweeper: Shaun G.
Right mid-field: Ryan B.
Left mid-field: Cliff E.
Center: Vinny C.
Offense: Ray N. and Stephen C.

Other players: Mike P, Dave, Tyson, Tony N, Craig C

It was an honor and privilege to play with these guys. They truly represented the spirit of the Gay Games. They refueled my passion for soccer and my committment to the gay sports communities.


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