Saturday, August 13, 2005

Marathon Training - 9 Weeks to Go

My feet took to different places this week as I continued my marathon training. It gives me a chance to explore the city on foot, and to brag about it.

Week of August 8 - 14 (35 miles)

Monday: Approximately 5 miles. Chinatown, Franklin Square (7th and Race), Penn's Landing, Society Hill, South Street, and Louis Kahn Park (11th and Pine).

Tuesday (evening): Approximately 7 miles. 52nd St. and back via Walnut St. My fastest 7-mile run ever? West Philly at night terrified me so I ran like I was being chased. I kept up the momentum as I returned to C.C. and finished the run in exactly one hour.

Thursday: Approximately 17 miles. To Bias in Manayunk and back via Kelly Drive. This was not a good run as I struggled to maintain a decent speed.

Saturday: Approximately 6 miles. To Camden, New Jersey via the Ben Franklin Bridge pedestrian path, turning around at my favorite building in Camden (the court house at 520 Market St). I had the most amazing view of the Philadelphia on my way back.


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