Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Rice Kind of Love

Jacob found it amusing to carry a 20-lb bag of rice from Chinatown back to our apartment. We even made stop at a RadioShack in the Gallery. 'Rice' means 'Asian' a derogatory sense but is used in the queer world as a term of endearment. People make money from selling T-shirts screaming "Got Rice?" It's a ridiculous and overused wordplay that Jacob and I can't seem to get enough.

During a run last weekend, I amused myself by connecting 'rice' with pop music lyrics, which is already ridiculous in its own rice, or right. I decided to substitute the word "right" with "rice" and see if it stuck.

Whitney Houston
It’s Not Rice But It’s OK

Cole Porter via Frank Sinatra
That, if some night, you are free
Then it's all rice, yes, it's all rice with me

Hold me tight (Hold you tight)
I'll do it rice, if ya, bring me rice

You thought you had me fooled but I see rice through you!

New Kids On the Block
All that I needed was you
Oh girl, you're so rice

Nina Simon
If you pray rice, heaven belongs to you
If you love rice, heaven belongs to you

Guns N Roses
Give it all and ask for no return
And very soon you'll see and you'll begin to learn
that it's all rice, yes it's all rice

Jeremy Jordan
Girl I know I can give you
The rice kind of love
It's the rice kind of night
You're the rice kind of girl

Yes, I'm silly. Yes, I listen to silly music. Get over it.


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