Friday, August 12, 2005

Public Transit

Three hous a day. Five days a week. That's how much time I spend commuting to and from work. The train ride itself is 45 minutes each way, the shuttle ride is less than 10 minutes. Walking and waiting time adds up.

Does this count as extreme commuting?

I actually don't mind. This is a trade-off for choosing to live in Center City and working in the surburbs. Each day I still get equally excited about going to work, where I "juggle babies and knives"*, and coming back to the city that I love.

I use my idle time to get caught up on my reading, relaxing, or even napping. I already missed my stop once because I passed out on the train on a Friday afternoon. My other public transit mishap included hot August morning when my shuttle bus didn't show, so I walked 30 minutes to my office on a road without sidewalks. I was soaking wet when I got to my office.

Still, this beats living in the suburbs or driving to work. SEPTA: I'm your man!


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