Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gay Dentist

Could my new dentist and his staff be gayer? There were candles and Enya music in the waiting room. The administrative assistant and clerk were called "office manager" and "production executive". The dentist said he recognized me from seeing me out in the gayborhood. The office manager told me his body was getting soft so he needed to resume his gym workouts.

I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned by the hygienist, who held spotty hours. I had to take half a day off from work for this appointment. Everything was running late. I waited for about 45 minutes before I was seen. The hygienist left without cleaning my teeth. I had to make another appointment. Both the office manager and the production executive jumped up and down like they were doing a cheer after they found a time I could agree to come in. I was pissed.

Well, that was I got for finding a dentist in a gay newspaper.


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