Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2013

April 6, 2013

This was my third time running the Garden Spot Village Marathon. I knew the course well: Rolling country roads and a few steep hills.

This time I came prepared. I ran well over the winter as part of my Ironman Lake Placid training. I had a race plan complete with a target heart rate. There was no pressure for time, as I had already qualified for Boston Marathon 2014. I did want to have a steady pace throughout and especially during the climbs.

I did have an equipment issue for this race. My Garmin 910XT died the week before so I had to send it back to exchange for a factory refurbished device. My back-up running watch, the Timex Run 2.0 was still being shipped. So I had to run with my back-up cycling device, the Garmin Edge 500. I attached the 500 on my quick release strap and wore it on my wrist for the whole race so I could monitor my heart rate.

It was a cold morning! My heart rate started out below target but I couldn't run any faster than 7:20-7-30 pace. I pretty much held on to that pace throughout the race. The run itself was a blur by now (2 months later). The crowd of runners pretty much settled after about 10 miles. A few people passed me during the second half, but mostly I passed other runners who slowed down.

I knew there were 2 big hills toward the end. I saw my partner Dan on one hill. I was on a good pace and mentally prepared for one last big hill. The weird thing was that there was no more hill after the one  Dan stood on. I realized that after I reached the 24-mile marker, and started to kick in for the final 2 miles.

I crossed the finish line at 3:15. Not my best marathon time but 3:15 was very good for me! I got first place for my age group, which was the first time ever in a race!

Summary: Good training + no taper + hilly course = 3:15 is awesome!

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2013

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2013

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2013

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2013

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